Being Prince Charming: Do any men dream of a fairy tale wedding?

Being Prince Charming: Do any men dream of a fairy tale wedding?

The perfect wedding day seems to be a fixture in the minds of little girls around the globe from a very early age.

The obsession with a fairy tale story seems to come in a variety of forms; whether it is those pictures scribbled out in wax crayons or perhaps a scrapbook filled with a collection of ideas and photos cut out from magazines, the end result is the same. Girls want to feel exactly like a princess on their big day.

But what about men; do they harbour secret dreams of princely-ness on their wedding day? Or is it more accurate to say that these future grooms would rather just be told a time and place and turn up, dressed and ready to go? Some may say that perhaps the only concern of the groom is what will happen back at the hotel afterwards!

This stems from the belief that it isn’t the general rule that men sit and stare into space picturing their suit and their speeches. However, that is not to say that some men won’t have in mind their own version of a perfect wedding day and if they do, they may not even admit it!

Of course, much like some of the other aspects of getting hitched, it is entirely down to personal preference which way your man will head. Whether he is keen to help out or wants to stay in the planning shadows, the best thing to keep in mind is to try not to push him down either route. Let them be involved as much as they are comfortable with (and if that isn’t very much you can be safe in the knowledge that you are holding the reins for your big day).

If you are concerned about the lack of enthusiasm that your husband-to-be is showing with the plans then perhaps you could task him with something you are sure he will enjoy; sourcing the music, picking the menu or perhaps deciding on the name cards. All of these things can generate some more interest in the big day although it may mean that your first dance is to some bizarre heavy metal band or everyone’s name is written on post it notes.

That being said, on the other hand, if you do have a man who is looking to re-create his boyhood dreams of his wedding day then you might not have to allocate him these “chores”, it may well be the case that you might need to prise some tasks away from him.

Sit down together and discuss what ideas you both have and try to find a compromise between the two. Despite being the perfect fit for a lifetime of happy wedded bliss it is inevitable that there may be some differences of opinion on some aspects of your big day. Rather than bicker about cake flavour or where to put that pesky aunt during the ceremony; try to come together (although perhaps not best to put her outside in the cupboard if you can help it).

Whichever way your very own prince charming decides to head during the run up to the big day there are some benefits. Perhaps it is that you have a helping hand throughout the process or maybe that you get to take control and enjoy planning it completely. It really does depend how much help you want and, if that is plenty, then those masculine dreams might just need a bit of coaxing from you.

But one thing is for sure; if the man in your life isn’t thinking too in depth about the day itself, you can be certain that he is still looking forward to a beautiful and happy life together. You just might need to poke Prince Charming onto his trusty steed ready to ride off to a well-planned, beautiful wedding day!

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