Top Reasons to Have an Engagement Photo Session

Top Reasons to Have an Engagement Photo Session By Terence Joseph Photography

Engagement photography is hugely popular; almost every couple whose wedding I photographed this year also chose to have an engagement photo session. It’s great for your children, your grandchildren, and even their children to be able to see you on the day you officially started your lives together. While your wedding day might be the formalising of your union, it actually began at the moment you agreed to share your future – when you got engaged.

Feel beautiful and confident

Having an engagement photo session has many benefits, both practical and emotional. It’s a great way to get used to working with your photographer and to get a feeling what the experience will be like on your wedding day. Not only can I notice the difference between the couples that have decided on an engagement session to others that haven’t, but more importantly it’s the couple themselves who have said they feel much more relaxed and at ease with having their wedding photos taken. I know what poses work for them, what makes them have a laugh and being camera shy is one less thing for them to worry about on their big day.

Make fun memories

Practicalities aside, the reason I love taking engagement photos is because they are so much fun! As beautiful as they are (and every wedding is gorgeous in my eyes) weddings are full of expectation and distraction. Engagement photos are all about you. They capture that special bubble of excitement and wonder you’ll experience as you plan your wedding. They’re candid, relaxed and show a different side to your love and personalities than wedding portraits do.

It’s all about you

An engagement shoot gives you a lot more freedom than your wedding photos allow. We can go pretty much wherever you like, from the place you got engaged to your favourite restaurant, or even where you had your first date. If you like art we can shoot in a gallery, and if you like food we can head to the market. The choice is yours! Many couples want to use a photo for their Save the Date cards, their Guest Book or even Thank You cards, so I keep that in mind when suggesting props and poses.

Other things to think about are what time of day you’d like your photo shoot and what you’ll wear. You don’t need to go all Posh ‘n’ Becks co-ordinated, but your outfits should look good together and, more importantly, make you feel fantastic. This is the time to wear your favourite pair of jeans and a great excuse for the ladies to treat themselves to manicure.

Your engagement photo session is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding album. Along with any family portraits you have taken down the line, it shares your tale of love and commitment.

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