Unique Wedding Games to delight you and your guests

Unique Wedding Games to delight you and your guests By Terence Joseph Photography

Celebrating the Best

This game sets about to honour some of your guests by celebrating what makes them so awesome! While this special day is about your new chapter together, a game showing your guests just how awesome they are will make them feel pretty special too. This game celebrates your guests by awarding them with fun gifts, such as unique ribbons or golden star stickers for a bit of fun. You can create pretty much any range of categories you like, such as: the Longest Married Couple; the Funniest Guest; the Happiest Couple; or the Most Fashionable Man or Woman. You could even have everyone at your wedding reception celebrate each of the winners by cheering them on or by blowing bubbles their way.

Photobooth Bonus

If you have decided on a photobooth at your wedding, you’re on to a good thing as they are a lot of fun. But why not add a unique twist by asking your guests to come up with some awesome advice or funny message for the newly married couple and write it on a chalkboard to be shown in their photos! This allows your guests to get creative, even cheeky, and gives you and your new spouse plenty of laughs as you enjoy the photos after your honeymooon.

Is It the Bride or the Groom?

This is one of the greatest wedding games you could have on your day as it encourages the wedding party to interact with the guests! Every member of your wedding party receives a sign with “Groom” written on the one side and “Bride” written on the other. Then, your guests are given the opportunity to ask questions like, “Who do you think is going to do most of the chores?” or “Who do you think is the best dancer?” Then, the wedding party gets to raise the signs on who they think the answer most applies to and the bride and groom can give everyone the final verdict, if they agree of course. This game is a great way to give guests some interesting insight into the life of the newly married couple but most of all will bring out some funny moments and a run of laughs.

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