Wedding music… what’s all the noise about?

Wedding music... what's all the noise about? By Terence Joseph Photography

You’ve been planning every aspect of your wedding for a long time. Your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner to be, so it’s a great opportunity to make your day a memorable and wonderful occasion. You’ve put every bit of energy into picking a beautiful dress, the flowers and the venue and your guests RSVPed; you’re almost ready! But what about the music?

Even though music appeals to everyone, a favourite song will have significant meaning, especially on a day as important as this. You can easily opt for the traditional wedding march, as getting married is a wonderful tradition, but you might like to look at other options for music on your wedding day.

A live band is the height of elegance and class and will create a wonderful ambience for your walk down the aisle. Imagine feeling graceful as you slowly make your entrance to the sound of a gentle violin and cello, walking towards your partner to be. A live band will create lasting memories, especially if you pick a classical piece; you’ll instantly be drawn back to your wedding day when you hear that song again. You don’t need to select a classical live band; you can go for your favourite local folk band if you really love something a bit different! It’s all about making your day as personal as it can be.

You will most likely have a list of favourite songs you would like to be played at the reception; this is a great opportunity to share your most loved tunes with your guests. Be sure to take into account any songs your guests like, it could be a song that takes you back to family parties or summer days out with your friends. Whatever the song, your guests will remember the good memories when it starts playing and get ready to some fun.

It’s very common to have a DJ at the wedding reception; it’s a great way to add atmosphere to your reception. A good DJ offers a great presence, they can be a focal point of the dance floor and they know how to manage the music for you and the guests. However, they will probably have a lot of equipment and this could be an issue with your venue. Be sure to take into account the space available, from the size of the tables to the size of the dance floor. A live band may take up more room than a DJ so bear this in mind as well.

You can’t put a price tag on the importance of your day, but when it comes to live entertainment, the pennies can soon start adding up, so setting a budget will be important. An iPod is a great way to manage your personal play list and also save up on space and cash. If there’s a funky song that takes you back to your first date, put it in! If the song has meaning to you then ensure it gets a spot on your playlist. It’s also worth including popular familiar songs to keep the mood light and happy. But of course a small iPod in the corner of the dance floor might not have as much visual appeal as a DJ or a live band… and you may catch a cheeky guest wanting put their own music on when they think no one is looking!

Whether you want a DJ or live band, it is ultimately your own choice. If you’ve got the budget and have a lot of guests, then why not get a professional who can get the dance floor moving, or play that perfect romantic song for your first dance together as husband and wife? If you like to be in total control of your big day (and who doesn’t want that?), an iPod, with a great playlist and some good speakers will set you up for the after party too. There’s no right and wrong music for a wedding, it is your special day after all! The music will be right because you love it!

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