Do you dare to be different on your wedding day? Pink dresses and doing it your way!

Do you dare to be different on your wedding day? Pink dresses and doing it your way!

One concern that seems to crop up time and time again for those planning a wedding is whether or not they are brave enough to do things just how they want it… especially if these ideas may shirk the “wedding norms”.

From venues with a difference, a female best man or even a pink wedding dress – these are some unique ideas that could play a part on your big day. As a London based wedding photographer, I chat to a lot brides and it’s a sad fact that many say that they have had to compromise some of their own personal ideas in order to fit in with what many others expect of them.

But why does it have to be this way? Surely a wedding day is the perfect excuse to stamp your feet and make it as much about you both as possible? If you want to arrive at your ceremony on a tractor wearing a tartan wedding dress then by Jove you go for it! Maybe you want your wedding photographer to take photos of you climbing a tree and hanging upside down? If that is the case, then I think that’s great! It is a once-in-a-lifetime day so why not make it one to remember?

Of course, this is an idealistic view of wedding days and the plans that you need to make for your big day. In the real world there is a likelihood that even when you throw caution to the wind (and the tradition book out the window) there may be other factors that you may have to compromise on.

One area that often involves a little give and take is with the bridesmaids. Whilst the bride may have grand ideas on some zany outfit for the bridesmaids to wear, unless they feel comfortable and confident in their dresses you may find your wedding day photos full of grumpy faces and uncomfortable poses.

What may be an even trickier situation to deal with is when the bride and groom appear to have a different take on the day’s events to each other. Perhaps the groom has grand plans to say ‘I do’ whilst bungee jumping or the bride rather fancies a fancy dress theme. If you don’t both agree on the idea then you might have to face facts that it isn’t the right thing for you to do unless you are both happy (and instead save it for the renewal of your vows in a few years’ time).

Ultimately, when it comes to taking the plunge and planning a wedding that has a certain quirkiness to it, you will just have to take a leap of faith and ignore the advice of others.

Whilst you do have a whole host of guests to please, the lasting memory of your wedding day should always be that it was the perfect day for you both and not one that you wish you could have done that little bit different.

So hire that metal band, order the tapas for your wedding breakfast, have the toast of the finest beer and make sure that your wedding day is exactly as it should be – all about you both and the beginning of your very own love story!

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