The First Dance – Show off your fancy footwork with something different and fun!

The First Dance - Show off your fancy footwork with something different and fun!

We have all seen them online, they can’t help but make us smile and feel great! A first dance with a taste of something different, something fun, captured on video, just begging to be shared and create inspiration for all the couples out there planning their wedding. In fact, there are plenty of videos around on YouTube featuring couples that have decided to take the sometimes-conventional tradition of the “first dance” and make it something that will truly be remembered.

So how do you jazz up your first dance? Perhaps the first port of call for couples who want to have a fun and interesting first loving embrace is to pick music that reflects not only the overall mood of the day but also their own personalities. If you love classical music then why not hire a harpist to play your first dance live in the venue or if you like your music a bit more upbeat then you could always have a fast first dance and invite others up to join you instead of the formal solo dance that is seen at traditional receptions.

If you really want to surprise your guests then why not arrange a dance with a difference; starting off with a formal slow dance that transforms into something that none of your guests will be expecting. Whilst this can be slightly more complicated to organise and keep a secret, your wedding photographer will be able to capture some fantastic pictures of your guests’ expressions as you spin into a break dancing routine.

Another idea that seems to be cropping up more regularly at weddings is the bride or groom deciding to surprise their new other half instead of their guests. Whilst this is a really great idea and one that will be remembered for a lifetime; making arrangements to practice without the bride or groom ever finding out is much trickier. Especially if there are one or two of your friends involved.

If you want to make sure that you waltz into the hearts of all your guests then why not take one great big quickstep out of your comfort zone and let yourself be free? Embrace the fun and magic of your whole day and create something that little bit different – make your first dance the last thing that they will remember about your big day!

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