How can your guests enjoy your wedding ceremony if they have their head stuck behind their camera?

How can your guests enjoy your wedding ceremony if they have their head stuck behind their camera? By Terence Joseph Photography

We all have seen it and maybe even have been guilty of it; that is capturing the world around us using a camera phone or camera rather than experiencing it for ourselves.

Birthdays, Christmas and of course wedding ceremonies, every one now seems to full of people clicking the variety of buttons on their cameras or phones, furiously trying to capture their own take on the most wonderful parts of the day.

Whilst it is lovely to have plenty of photos of your wedding day, your guests may miss out on the overall atmosphere and general emotion of the day that can only be felt when you experience it first hand; with your own eyes.

Aside from your guests own personal memories of your wedding day there are other reasons to try to avoid the overuse of cameras and camera phones during your wedding ceremony and reception. Often these well-meaning guests can be “in the way” of the professional wedding photographer that you have hired and this can ruin some of the most important images of your day, such as the moment you walk down the aisle.

So what can you do?

Ultimately, when it comes to your wedding day you have the power to make decisions and recommendations for your guests.

If you are concerned about the number of cameras being used then you can ask that during particular points of the day, your guests take a moment to enjoy rather than keep their attention on taking a photo. Why not have your ushers to speak to your guests on their arrival or you can always have it printed in your order of service just so everyone is aware of your preference.

You could even go a step further and ask them to leave the cameras at home and just relax and take in the day. If they are concerned about sharing photos and whether you will have enough, then you can reassure them that your wedding photographer of choice has this in hand. I find that giving my clients full rights to share their wedding images with family and friends so that nobody feels that they have missed out works really well.

If there are any particular photographs or groups of people that you or your guests are looking to capture, then communicate this with your photographer so they will be able to take these for you and then you can always share those wedding photos once you have received them.

So ask yourself and ask your guests; why watch your wedding day through a tiny screen when the whole experience is there in front of them for the taking? Tell them to trust your photographer and immerse themself in the moment. Live it and feel it and they will easily create their own memories that will last a lifetime.

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