What are the Best Spring Wedding Flowers for You?

What are the Best Spring Wedding Flowers for You? By Terence Joseph Photography

Spring brides are savvy – they know that there is nothing more beautiful than an armful of fragrant spring blossoms to carry as they walk down the aisle. Floral aficionados are wise to marry in spring as it is the season with the widest variety of flowers.

What is Your Budget?

The budget should be the first consideration of every wedding planning decision you make. The average UK couple spends around 3% of their total budget on flowers, including bouquets, buttonholes, centrepieces, and decoration for the church or ceremony venue. As with all your suppliers, be upfront about your budget in your initial meeting so they know what flowers to suggest to help you achieve the look you’re after.

What is in Season?

March sees the arrival of daffodils, narcissus, aster, delphinium, freesia, and gerbera, while cornflower, phlox, tuberose, and sweet William show their pretty heads in April. May has the biggest bounty of all, with peonies, sweet peas, lilies, roses and orchids joining the collection, meaning that whatever your style and budget there is a magnificent array of flowers for you.

Fabulous Foliage

Foliage is more than simply a way to bulk out a flower arrangement, it can be wonderfully decorative on its own. Tendrils of ivy – which symbolises, fidelity, friendship, and eternal love – can be woven and draped to great effect, both indoors and out. Large oak leaves can be decorated with metallic or glitter paint or pens for place cards.

Choosing Colours

If you want your wedding bouquet to stand out in your photos then opt for bright colours, such as yellow, indigo, red, and orange. Including contrasting colours in your bouquet, like red roses, yellow daffodils, and indigo irises will ensure your flowers catch your guests’ attention.

Wedding flower colour combinations which work well include yellow and purple; coral and green; peach, yellow, and mauve; hot pink and green; and pink, lilac, and white.

Size Matters

Deciding on your wedding bouquet is about more than simply choosing flowers. The size and shape of your design can influence the way you look in your photos. For example, teardrop shaped bouquets can make petite brides appear taller while round posies have the opposite effect. Your bouquet should ideally be an inch narrower than your hips on either side – too much smaller can make your bottom half look out of proportion.


Another consideration is how well your flowers will withstand the conditions on your wedding day. This is generally more an issue for out-of-season flowers, especially if the weather is exceptionally hot. Your florist can advise you on the best way to keep your flowers looking fresh.

Other aspects to consider are fragrance (nice for flowers in your bouquet, not so nice for table centrepieces), and whether you can reuse arrangements from your ceremony in your reception venue. Hanging floral arrangements are a huge trend emerging in 2016, especially at outdoor venues, and venues with high ceilings.