How To Feeling Confident in Your Wedding Photos

How to Feeling Confident in Your Wedding Photos by Terence Joseph Photography

Are you camera shy? There is no need to feel nervous about having your wedding photos taken. With a little professional advice and some practice, you’ll soon learn to look totally relaxed in front of the camera even if you’re not completely feeling it.

Choose the right photographer, and the right style

One of the earliest things you can do to boost your camera confidence is to choose the best photographer for you, both in terms of the way they work and their personality. Some photographers will spend a lot of time getting a pose just so, taking great care to create a scene that will look like a highly posed fashion inspired image. A different method, and one I use more as a photographer, is more natural and organic. This latter method is better if you often feel anxious in front of the camera as I am able to help you feel relaxed and get genuine smiles, all while looking fabulous.

A photographer’s personality is also important. On your wedding day, you will interact more with your photographer than any other supplier, and it is crucial that you feel relaxed around them, and confident in their ability to do their job well.

Be Happy with How You Look

The next step in feeling comfortable having your photo taken is to be happy with how you look, and that starts months before your actual day. Choose a dress that makes you feel incredible about your body, which hides the bits you are not confident about and showcases those parts you are; and talk to your makeup artist about any aspects of your looks you are worried about. The setting, the light, and the photographer can all be amazing, but if you feel self-conscious about your hair, your arms, or any other aspect of yourself on the day, it will show in your professional photos, and in your guests’ shots.

Find your Angles

Some angles work better for you than others. Your photographer will give you some advice on these, so make sure you let them know if you feel uncomfortable about your nose, for example, or you are self-conscious about your height. You will be amazed at how much difference subtle changes to your pose can make to the way you appear in photos.

Practice Posing

Speaking of posing, practice yours. Look at wedding photos you like, and study the way stars stand on the red carpet. Women tend to angle their body to the camera, bending one knee and holding their arms slightly away from their body. They have done it so many times that their poses look and feel natural – as if they were walking along and just happened to stop there looking fabulous to have their photo taken.

Engagement session

Having an engagement photo session is a fantastic idea. If you have it done after your hair and makeup trial you will see how these things will look in your actual wedding photos. It gives you and your photographer time to get used to working with each other, meaning your wedding photo shoot will be that much easier. Finally, you’ll have a stunning piece of art you can hang on the wall, and wonderful images you can share and use for parts of your wedding stationery such as save the date cards, and thank you notes.

Give yourself enough time on your wedding day so you feel prepared and relaxed (well, as relaxed as it is possible to be on your wedding day!), not stressed and nervous. Trust your photographer to do their job – if you’ve chosen well then you have nothing to worry about.

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