5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Engagement Photos

5 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Your Engagement Photos

Having an engagement photo shoot is a fantastic idea that many modern couples are embracing. More relaxed than a wedding shoot, an engagement photo session or pre-wedding shoot allows you a chance to get used to having your photo taken together, is a fun way of blowing off a bit of steam before your wedding, and gives you a collection of gorgeous photos you can share on social medial, or use for your wedding stationery like your Save the Date and Thank You cards.

Here are five professional tips to choosing the right outfit for your pre-wedding or engagement photos.

1. Location and time of year

Be sure to take into account the location of your shoot, as well as the time of day, when you are planning your outfit. Jeans are great for casual photos on a beach or in a park but you may want something slightly more sophisticated if you’re having a shoot at your favourite restaurant, or wellies if you’re in an autumn woodland. Dress for the season and pay attention to the weather. Not only will being too hot or too cold detract from the fun of your engagement shoot, chattering teeth or melting makeup are not a good look on anyone.

2. Set the Mood

What sort of mood do you want to create with your photos? As with the location, this will have an effect on what you wear. Silly props can be fantastic for showing the fun side of your relationship, while flowers or umbrellas can create a more romantic atmosphere.

3. Layer Up

If you are shooting at several locations you might want to have a change of clothing to mix things up a little. A great alternative for men is a suit which can have the jacket and tie removed to give a stylish laid-back vibe that will still look appropriate if his partner is wearing a more tailored dress.

A great tip for timeless photos is to wear a classic style that won’t date. Jeans, wrap dresses, shift dresses, or a single breasted suit in navy, black, or grey, are all examples of chic, simple style which will ensure you, not your outfit, is the focus of the photo. Stick with block colours or subtle patterns, and avoid garish or overly bold prints.

4. Coordinate, but don’t match

Show you’re a stylish couple with your own personalities by co-ordinating rather than matching what you’re wearing. Choose colours which are different but which compliment each other like navy and brown, or black and white. The style of your clothing should coordinate as well – you want to look like you’re going to the same place to give your photos a cohesive look.

5. Something Old

Your engagement photo session is not the time to try a new outfit. You don’t want to spend the entire time tugging awkwardly at an uncomfortable neckline, or feel fabulous during the shoot only to see the resulting images and realise that colour makes you look pasty and ill. Either wear a favourite flattering outfit or, if you are buying something new, try it on and take a few selfies so you know whether that dress looks as great in photos as it does on the hanger.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to see what your wedding makeup will look like so, if possible, schedule a trial for before the session. Clean your engagement ring so it sparkles, and have a manicure (and pedicure, if you’re doing some barefoot-on-the-beach shots) so your affection for each other is the focus of any hand-holding shots, rather than chipped polish.

The best accessory you can bring to an engagement photo shoot is your smile. When you feel comfortable your happiness and excitement will radiate from your photos.