Barn Wedding Reception Kent | Charlotte & Kieran

The Plough and Barn at Leigh is a gorgeous venue for a Barn Wedding Reception in Kent. But this day begun at St John the Evangelist in Coulsdon. Charlotte and Kieran were sweet, a really cute couple, just made for each other!

There was just a massive feel of unity and joy at this wedding, for adults and kids alike. From Charlotte’s father feeling quite emotional down the aisle. To the cute looks Charlotte gave Kieran throughout the church ceremony. All day, Kieran was just cracking Charlotte up! I didn’t catch everything thing he said, but there was a real sense of completeness. It was just right and you could see it in their eyes.

I have never seen such a ridiculous amount of confetti being thrown at a couple. But it honestly made it so awesome! It was unexpected, it was crazy and I think Kieran must have eaten at least a couple of handfuls. There was some cheeky under arm throwing just bang on the spot, right in Kieran’s face! It brings a smile to my face every time I look at those confetti shots. And I am sure it does for both Kieran, Charlotte and all their family and friends as well.

The Barn Wedding Reception in Kent that they had chosen was dressed a little more elegantly than I have experienced in the past. It was the first time I had seen chrome coloured candelabras being used on the tables. It was a lovely contrast to the rustic, homely feel of the barn.

Charlotte got involved in the speeches and I always love it when the bride’s get involved. I saw tears from some family members and Kieran knows Charlotte much better than anyone expected. He was quizzed and was right on the money every time, that says a lot!

Even during their wedding portraits, Kieran was cracking Charlotte up. They were in sync, it was fun, it was a blast, thanks to them both for an awesome time!

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