Hastings Engagement Photo Session | Sophie & Chris

It’s always best to pick a place which means something to you as a couple when planning an Hastings engagement photo session. So I am glad that Sophie and Chris chose Rock-a-Nore Beach in Hastings for theirs. The couple used to spend their early years together in Hastings, so the beach holds a special place for both of them. You can see how comfortable they are in their photos.

The first thing that I noticed when I came to Hastings was the sheer number of seagulls flying all around. But I guess that’s what you get when you’re by the sea! Sophie quickly informed me that they are only called seagulls when they are near the sea. Otherwise they are simply known as ‘gulls’. Every day’s a school day, isn’t it?

Hastings was a lovely spot for these engagement photos. The sea and the boats provided a nice backdrop for the photos, as well as the old fishing huts. It was great to see a seaside town doing well for itself. I always think it’s very sad that there are so many beachside towns in decay these days, but Hastings was absolutely bustling. Even better with the lovely hot weather. Sophie and Chris told me that there’s always something going on here. There seems to be a different festival happening here almost every month. The day that Sophie and Chris had their photos taken was Pirate Day!

We took a cable car up West Hill and it was so hot that it felt just like a sauna. I was happy it was a short trip. It definitely beats the 800 odd steps to the top of the hill. It may have been hot and tiring, but the view from the top was definitely worth it.

We finished the session off with some well-deserved ice-cream from Di Pola’s. The passion fruit was to die for (I’d definitely recommend it). Sophie and Chris really are a gorgeous couple and I felt very lucky to be photographing people. They were so playful and natural with each other, just perfect for a Hastings engagement photo session.

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