Plough Inn Leigh Wedding Venue | Kerry & David

The Plough Inn Leigh is a beautiful wedding venue, I have photographed many weddings here over the years given I am a recommended supplier. The 17th Century barn feels bright and airy during the Summer while nice and cosy during winter with the wood fires on!

I met Kerry and David at a café for coffee and a chat before they decided to book with me. They aired any concerns they had and overlooked my work in person. There is just nothing like meeting in person to see if the photographer you are considering is a good fit for you. It’s not just his work that you should decide on, it’s whether this person fits with you both and your friends and family.

Their September wedding was held in the type of weather every bride and groom dreams of, especially at this Plough Inn Leigh Wedding Venue. I love shooting in bright sunlight. Yes, it is more work but the resulting images just have so much more pop and who doesn’t love a blue sky (especially in the UK).

I loved the one strap bridesmaid dresses and David involved the guests in a game of cards during his speech, with the winning cards being a King and Queen of hearts. There was one smart fella who managed to end up with those cards exactly!

Their late afternoon wedding portraits were in the very best afternoon sunlight that the September afternoon could provide. With a willow tree for a backdrop, one of the first photos on this blog is one of my favourites!

David bowed to Kerry at the start of their first dance… a bit of an old romantic! Then after that guests were killing it on the dance floor. About an hour later I started to pack up and at that point I am feeling pretty wired given I have been running around like a little nutcase making sure I capture all the moments I can.

But I must admit, once I see the couple one last time to give them their wedding photos and albums, I feel it is an end of a chapter. Ok, meeting a couple a year or two before their day, all the chatting, getting to know each other and then meeting that final time, I find a bit emotional. It was a big day, one of the biggest celebrations you can have in your life, and that never gets old for me!

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