Rocking Regents Park London Enagament | Laura & Andrew

The beauty of Regents Park London Engagement session is that it is a lot of fun! They can enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and stress-free setting. The gorgeous Regents Park in London was the perfect spot for Laura and Andrew to kick back in.

Laura and Andrew met at a party 8 years ago and the pair have shared heaps of good times. The birth of their little boy Jacob has to be a big one! But the one that made me laugh was hearing Andrew proposed to Laura when she was pregnant. When I met Laura and her mum Tess for a cup of coffee initially to chat about her day.

I wanted to hear what she wanted from the engagement photo session and wedding. What was important to them about it! I came up with some awesome engagement session photo ideas that will be printed in their wedding guest book. This way their guests can then leave a message for Laura and Andrew beside any photo they wish. Its is a great way to incorporate these photos into their wedding day.

Laura’s mum Tess looked after Jacob while we were shooting the engagement session. All I can say is thank goodness for grandparents who help out! I’m sure Tess will be a big help as the big day gets closer as well.

Fun, energetic and amusing, Laura and Andrew were a pleasure to photograph. They just loved to have fun and mess around, which makes them my perfect clients. The garden was full of vibrant greens and pops of colour from the flowers in the background. They provided a lovely backdrop for these gorgeous Regents Park London Engagement photos. I hope they can both enjoy them for years to come!

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