Weald of Kent Wedding Photographer | Sophie and Chris’ Wedding

Sophie and Chris found my details as a Weald of Kent Wedding Photographer on this golf course and hotel’s website. We started with an initial call then we meet at one of my favourites places in Sevenoaks, Otto’s Coffee House & Kitchen. It has fantastic coffee and cake. While they looked over the album’s I had on hand to show them, I found out about Sophie’s love for Star Wars. She had plans to feature this epic story in their wedding breakfast, but not before their ceremony at Archbishop Palace.

They had hired out the whole floor of this Maidstone Register Office with Sophie arriving in a White London Taxi. We spent some time in the adjoining Great Hall for Sophie to compose herself and her bridesmaids for a few portraits. As she walked down the aisle I saw Chris beaming. I remember after they were married and waiting for their certificate to be prepared, I saw Chris and Sophie were totally enjoying the moment together. Chris’ dad was wide eyed, happy and blown away by the affection he could see. It was like he was seeing it for the first time!

I have found always found the The Archbishop Palace has a number of lovely areas for portraits. There is the herb garden, the beautiful trees around the side and you have access to the River Medway. It’s a great choice for a registry office in Maidstone.

The Red Bus they hired to take every to Weald of Kent, somehow forgot us! I’m not sure if this was planned or whether they had to move the bus for another reason. But as it arrived to pick up us, I grabbed a great picture of Sophie and Chris running for it. They really thought they were going to miss it again!

I always think it is a good idea keeping everyone together like this. No one gets lost on their way to the wedding breakfast. It usually does make it a whole lot easier to keep a wedding day on schedule.

The Weald of Kent function room was decked out in a Star Wars theme. They had a cake that was quite traditional one side, while displaying a Star Wars theme on the other. Great idea! Chris had to endure a somewhat cheeky and embarrassing joint speech by his three mates inspired by ‘Top Gear’. It brought on a few slightly red faces, all the better to get the emotions going.

It was a total privilege being a Weald of Kent Wedding Photographer for Sophie and Chris. They were off to Bali shortly after their wedding, what an awesome place to spend your honeymoon!

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