How to arrange your wedding seating plan

How to arrange your wedding seating plan

The majority of tasks that are associated to organising a wedding are great fun. Picking colour schemes, choosing dresses and trying an assortment of cake. All things that are not likely to give the bride, or the groom, a headache. However, the table seating plan could very well not run quite as smoothly. Chances are that you won’t want to put certain people together, or know that there is likely to be friction with certain table arrangement. This means that when it comes to deciding who sits where, many couples have a mammoth task ahead of them.

To help you on your way, we have put together some of the top tips on How to arrange your wedding seating plan. Have a read as it will make it as easy as eating cake!

Always know how many tables you have

Don’t bother starting to put together a seating plan until you know how many tables you have, as well as well how big they are. This should always be your first port of call. You should make sure that you are aware of any possible movement in the number, if you did need it.

Think about a kids table

If you have younger guests coming to your wedding, it may make sense to have a kids table. They can entertain each other. I suggest this table is near to the exit, so if the parents do need to make a quick escape with them, this can be easily done.

But keep away the single friends

When planning in a kids table, it might be worthwhile making sure that those friends which are not so keen on kids are sat at the opposite side of the room. Sometimes, these are two groups that may not mix too well!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

One concern is making sure that everyone on a table knows each other. This isn’t always that important, and in fact, doing this can lead to cliques developing. Don’t worry about mixing things up a bit. Put together different people to encourage mingling.  Try to always aim for at least 3 people on one table know each other, as this makes things flow that little bit easier.

Consider possible conflict

You should always keep in mind the tricky areas of planning the tables before anything else. If you have 2 aunts that really don’t get along? Make sure they are separate and work around that. After all, the last thing you will want is any chance of bickering on your big day.

The ideal way to start with table plans is to have lots of scraps of paper with names on and move them around. That way you can change things up with ease and see just how things are going to work with layout too!