Capturing Creativity: Brand Photography Session for Ceramic Artists

We were out and about visiting markets, as I love meeting new creatives and seeing what they have crafted. I love sculptures and lighting design, really any good design… I love the tangible.  Soon after buying a couple of pieces off Helen a ceramics artist (two ceramics cups, I love a good coffee at home), a brand photography ceramics artist session was booked with her.

It is important for me to understand my client’s ‘why’, so I can craft the brand photography ceramics artist session exactly to what their business focuses on and their outlook and personality… and this is what she said.

‘Up until 3 years ago I was a freelance Magazine Designer working in many of the big publishing houses in London with pottery as a much-loved side line. After my main clients stopped using freelancers during the pandemic I decided it was time to build a studio in my garden and see if I could make a business from my love of pottery. 3 years later and I’m now teaching and making and the business is slowly evolving and I couldn’t feel happier. 

What drives me is the joy of making. And I now realise the amazing feeling that I’m actually running my own business which allows me to do what I love every day!

I sell stoneware hand thrown tableware and decorative pieces. I also teach people to throw on the wheel. Teaching wasn’t in my plan originally but I absolutely love it. When you are so passionate about what you do it’s a joy to pass that on.’

She has a studio in Tulse Hill, London and met her in April, love spring. I had previously asked what time of day was the studio most lit with natural sunshine and she said in the morning, so we started at 10am.

She mentioned to me before that she didn’t like having her photograph taken, so we started with a cup of tea and a chat to ease the mood. This also give me the time to have a look around the space I will be photographing.

After a few initial nerves, which is so normal. I love to chat and really distraction is the key for anyone who doesn’t like their photo to be taken. So, I asked a lot of questions about pottery, had Helen get involved in her work. Then before you know it, she was smiling and enjoying the session.

Not long after I had returned from this brand photography ceramics artist session, she messaged me and said: ‘Thanks so much for this morning. Really fun!’

Really, that’s what you want to hear and even better after seeing her session photos, she said: ‘Oooh! Just had a quick scan through and love them!!! You’ve even managed to get me looking relaxed! They’re fab thank you’

You can find her brilliant work at her website

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What did Helen Blair Ceramics say about her Brand Photography Session

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