2016 Wedding Invitation Trends

2016 Wedding Invitation Trends

As with everything wedding related, taste in invitations change 2016 Wedding Invitation Trends sees even more variety than ever before and why shouldn’t there be? After all, your invitation is the first glimpse your guests will have of the event you’re planning. It’s what will set their expectations and determine whether they circle the date in red and book in for a spray tan, or decide they’ll be washing their hair that day.


Interactive wedding invitations are a brilliant way to get your guests involved from the beginning. They could take the form of a link to a personalised wedding website such as Wedivite, but they don’t have to involve any tech at all. You could send your guests a 3D image with some glasses they have to put on to read, a box which needs to be unwrapped, or an RSVP card with a blank space for guests to write a story, draw a picture, or attach a photo which they associate with the bride and groom.


Go nuts with colourful wedding invitations to really get guests excited about your wedding. You don’t have to stick with plain block colours either. Ombre, marbling, and pretty fades are all easily available with contemporary printing techniques, giving you a simple and stylish way of carrying your theme through to every aspect of your wedding.

Retro patterns

Whether it’s geometric or floral, retro patterns give your wedding invitations a chic, vibrant appeal. 1960s florals are especially cool in 2016, indicating you’re going back to basics with your wedding and focusing on love and fun rather than trying to impress your guests with incomprehensible fusion cuisine, or gimmicks like smoke machines.

Laser cut

Pattern isn’t confined to printing anymore. Laser cutting is versatile and affordable, allowing couples to choose incredible decorative and intricate wedding invitations that will wow guests from the outset. Well designed laser cut wedding invitations can be pretty enough to be a keepsake in themselves.

Envelope liners

Why limit your creativity and decoration to just the invitation? The inside of your envelope is something your guests will see even before the invitation itself so make it sing with pattern, colour, or finishes like stamping or foil.

Your wedding stationery lets your style and personality shine brightly in the lead up to, and on your wedding day. It is a fantastic way of weaving your chosen colours throughout the event to tie different elements together, and a visually powerful tool to enthuse and excite your guests from the moment it drops through their letterbox (or into their inbox). You are only limited by your imagination and budget, so use both to show your guests how much you want them to be a part of your special day.

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