6 things to consider for a wedding reception that rocks

6 things to consider for a wedding reception that rocks! While your wedding reception wraps up your special day together, it’s probably the part your friends and family are looking forward to most (we all love a reason to party!) It’s also the part of the day where you can really let your hair down and enjoy your next chapter as a married couple.

So, how can you make sure that your guests remember your wedding reception for all of the right reasons? Here are what I think you should be considering as you make your plans.

1 – What’s going to be fun for you and your guests?

There’s a traditional image of a wedding reception as a night of partying with a band or DJ playing music to the early hours, but does that actually sound like fun to you?

How about a medieval style banquet with tableside entertainment for your guests with minstrels, jesters/magicians, etc.

Or what about splitting the room into zones so the extroverts have a social zone, there’s a dance floor with DJ, there’s some tables with board games, a children’s zone and a simple lounge area where your introverts can just sit back and relax. People will naturally gravitate to where they feel most comfortable and there’s something on offer for everyone throughout the evening.

Remember that it’s impossible to please everyone, so make it fun for you rather than what you think a wedding reception has to look like based on traditions and wedding magazines.

2 – Now decide on your guests

How many people are going to come along and who are they?

You are allowed to have a small and intimate wedding reception with just a handful of people that you feel closest to, it is your day after all. Or you can go all out with an extravagant night of entertainment for your entire family and friendship circle.

Deciding on what you want your wedding reception to look like will make it easier to decide who you want to attend. Don’t invite people just because you feel you should, especially if you have a budget to stick to.

3 – Do set a budget

As with every aspect of your wedding, you should decide on a budget for the party and stick to it.

Things you should include when setting your budget:

  • Food and drink
  • Entertainment (including travel costs)
  • Linen/crockery hire
  • Bar costs – who’s going to be paying for what?
  • Favours
  • Decorations

Some of these things will be included with your venue hire unless you’re doing everything yourself, so do look at various options when deciding how much you want to spend on each area and give yourself a little leeway too.

4 – Consider hiring a party planner

A party planner isn’t just about planning and organising your party before the day in question but is the main point of call during the party itself. They’re the one people will come to for information, problems that need resolving and ensure that your party runs smoothly.

This enables you to get on with enjoying your wedding reception!

If hiring a party planner is outside of your budget, you probably have a few friends or family members that love to organise things. Assign them as “attendants” for the evening and let them take care of things, they’ll probably enjoy it more than you realise!

5 – Consider your older and disabled guests too

There will be people at your party who are less mobile than others, or maybe have disabilities (including invisible ones you might not be aware of). It can be difficult being the ones left in the corner of the room looking on as everyone else has a good time, so put some plans in place so they feel included, such as:

  • A comfy seating area where they can sit and talk to other guests once the tables are cleared away
  • Table side entertainment
  • A breakout room that’s quieter for them to retreat to
  • Planned moments where everyone is sat down spaced throughout the evening

6 – Let your guests create the playlist

Things to consider for a wedding reception that rocks. Finding the right music for the night can be a careful balancing act between your older guests wanting those 80’s and 90’s hits and your younger guests wanting something a little more modern.

While creating your own playlist and hiring a band that suits your taste as a couple is essential (it is your party after all), asking your guests to submit a song choice or two with their RSVP is a great way to create a playlist suitable for everyone in those “between set” moments.

You can also give it to the DJ so he has an idea which songs will fill the dance floor to really make sure your reception is rocking into the early hours!

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