Want to make sure your wedding day is one to remember? Think about those all-important guests!

Want to make sure your wedding day is one to remember? Think about those all-important guests!

Your wedding day; it will always be special to the bride and groom no matter what. After all, you are likely to have spent a substantial amount of time when planning the ceremony and reception; from picking the right wedding photographer to capture those moments, selecting the perfect flower arrangements and of course sampling the best cake for your guests to enjoy.

So what about your all-important guests?

Making sure they all feel comfortable is just the tip of the iceberg, why not take a few further steps and put in place small yet thoughtful touches that will make them feel as if they play a big part in your big day! Make it a A Wedding Day To Remember!

Do them a favour!

Wedding favours are a little gift for your guests to enjoy once they get home or even during the big event. They are often small token items that will be kept and treasured prompting happy memories for many years after you have said your “I do’s”.

Personalisation of your favours is one great way to give everyone that special feeling. Perhaps you can make the favours completely about them by asking each guest to RSVP with their favourite childhood sweets so that you can beautifully present these treasured treats to them on their place setting.

How about making all your guests feel like the VIPs of your reception by throwing away those standard name place cards off the tables and instead replace them with pictures of your guests? These are not only great fun but also a fantastic icebreaker, just perfect for those sat at tables that may not know each other. After all, nothing starts a conversation off like “Is that you dressed as a cowboy?”

It’s the little things

The ideas that you put in place do not need to be on a grand scale. You can say a big thank you to all your guests in smaller, more intimate ways too.

By including a song request slip in your RSVP to the guests, they have the opportunity to select a tune of their choice that will be guaranteed to get them up and dancing. Whether it is rock, pop or perhaps even a line-dancing hoe down; giving them the chance to put their own stamp on the evening can leave them with smiles on their face and a bank of happy memories.

The kids are alright

Planning on inviting guests with children to your wedding? Then perhaps you should think about how you can make sure that those parents get a chance to not only hit the dance floor come the evening, but to also let their hair down and relax during the celebrations too.

You could always create a “kids pack” to keep those little hands busy during the wedding breakfast. It doesn’t have to be that elaborate; a simple combination of colouring book and crayons, perhaps with a small toy and some sweets is all it needs..

If you wanted to take it one step further then why not hire a children’s entertainer during the hours of the wedding breakfast and even add a children’s option into your menu to make sure that those little people feel like they have a big place in your heart!

Thinking about what you can do for your guests on your wedding day not only guarantees a memorable experience for them all but also for all those who couldn’t attend. Offer your guests the chance to share their happiness with the world by creating your own Twitter feed #thesmithwedding so they can Tweet during the reception and let everyone else who isn’t at ‘The Wedding of the Year’ know just what they are missing!

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