How to find the perfect wedding photographer for your day

How to find the perfect wedding photographer. Your wedding photos are your lifelong remember of the wonderful day you had as a couple where you shared your vows and pledged to spend the rest of your lives together. So, it’s important to hire the perfect photographer for you as a couple.

While you might hit the wedding directory for things like your wedding stationery and favours, your photographer is such an important part of your wedding day and how you remember it that a lot more care and attention is needed to find the right person for you.

In this blog, I want to cover some of the consideration points to bear in mind when looking for a photographer along with the questions you should be asking to ensure they’re the perfect match for you.

Decide on the photo style you prefer

Did you know there are three general styles of wedding photography? They’re each quite different from each other so make sure you’ve decided on your favourite style before searching for your wedding photographer, here’s what you need to know,

Traditional – those classic, posed shots at key moments throughout the day. The photographer usually directs you and your guests with lots of “say cheese” moments

Photojournalistic/reportage – a candid moment style approach, a photo report of the day telling your wedding story through emotions and reactions

Classic – these photographers will blend both traditional and journalistic approaches to create a range of photos that tell a story while creating those must have posed images.

Know your budget in advance

You will find a photographer in your chosen style for any budget, but it is important that you know your budget before making enquiries. A low budget doesn’t have to mean low quality and the most expensive photographer might not necessarily be the best for you.

Tweaks can be made to packages to suit your budget so decide on the maximum you want to pay, include travel costs you’ll be asked to cover, and find a few photographers both at your budget price and a few below. Talk to them all to see what you’ll get for your money; you might be surprised at the differences!

Questions to ask your photographer

Once you’ve decided on a wedding photographer or two that you think are a good match for you, it’s time to start asking some questions. As with most wedding services, you’ll be expected to pay a deposit to book your photographer for your wedding day and you don’t want to lose that money if you decide to opt for an alternative photographer instead.

Can I see your current portfolio? The best photos will go on their website, naturally, but you want to see some of their recent photos and ensure there’s a match between what you’ve seen so far and what they’re creating for couples right now. If you want pre-ceremony photos, do they have some available to show you and are they of the same high quality as the posed photos?

Do you have testimonials? A good photographer will have current testimonials they’re happy to share with you but also check out their social media pages for reviews too.

What’s been your favourite wedding day experience so far? You’re likely to be spending 8 – 10 hours with your wedding photographer on your special day so it’s important that you feel at ease with them. Asking them to share a story is a great way to see if there’s a rapport there or not. Feeling relaxed around your photographer is essential for those perfect images.

Do they know your venue? Knowing a venue well can make good photos perfect. Knowing where the windows are to capture natural light, etc.

It’s not a problem if your photographer doesn’t know the venue, but a good one will talk about checking it out in advance, so they know how to get the best photos on the day.

What will you actually get for your money?

Aside from an album full of photos and a wall canvas, what else can you expect from your photographer on your wedding day? It’s important to know ahead of time how your photographer will work and what you can expect from them.

Will they be there for the bridal preparations right the way through to the end of the reception, or are they just covering the cars pulling up to the venue through to cutting the cake? Will there be one of them or do they have an assistant too?

How many photos will you get and in what format? If you only get 50 photos in an album, will there be the opportunity to pay for the others you like that don’t make the final cut?

Hopefully, this blog has given you the knowledge and confidence on how to find the perfect wedding photographer for your day. Please don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, your photographer will be just as keen getting the perfect photos of your wedding as you are.