The role of ushers on your wedding day

Every groom, even the ones that like to think that they are cool, calm and collected, need someone on their side on their big day. Whether it is for moral support, or to make sure things run smoothly, this band of helpers is known as the ushers. Rather than being a second rate best man, ushers are an important part of any wedding day, and being asked to be one is a great honour. Not sure what it takes to be an usher? We have put together the basic role of ushers on your wedding day, just to make sure that you know exactly what will be expected of you before and during the big day.

Before the wedding

Chances are that the majority of tasks before a wedding are going to be tackled by the best man, however, that doesn’t mean that ushers should sit around waiting for things to fall to them. Instead, they can offer to support the best man, helping out with some of the tasks and generally being around to lend a hand. This is especially true when he is planning the stag do and may need some assistance in booking activities or taking deposits.

During the big day

The tasks that are assigned to ushers really do depend on the bride and groom and can vary from not much at all, to being an integral part of the entire ceremony.

What makes a good usher is someone who is ready to jump in and help no matter the task, and make sure that both the bride and the groom have the best day possible. They will be able to stay polite and calm, no matter what may go wrong.

Some of the tasks that will often be assigned to ushers include:

  • Making sure that guests get their cars parked
  • Escorting guests between their cars and venues, especially if it is raining and a brolly is needed
  • Helping guests to find their seats (if allocated) or which sides that they need to sit on if this is requested by the bride and groom
  • Making sure that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom get to their seats
  • Be ready to help any latecomers join by standing at the back of the ceremony room
  • Dealing with guests who may be drunk, without causing any impact on the atmosphere of the reception

There are plenty more things that an usher may need to do and as you can see, rather than being a second choice to a best man, the usher, or ushers are actually a key part of the wedding as a whole. This means, if you are asked to be one, you should feel honoured that you are trusted by the groom.