Why go for getting ready bridal shoots?

When you organise the photography for your wedding day, then chances are that you will think of certain photos first. The group photos, first dance and the bride walking down the aisle, as photos of choice. All are great moments to capture, but they are not the only memories that will be treasured for years to come. Find a photographer who offers the chance for the bride and bridesmaids getting ready to be captured too. Not sure if this is for you? Here are some of the reasons why we think getting ready bridal shoots, or bridal preparation photos, are worth it!

They show the backstage area!

Not many people will get the chance to see the bridal party getting ready, let alone the groom. Which means that having them photographed will give an all access look at those special moments. Some of the most popular bridal getting ready shots are of her hair and make up being finished. Others involve the dress being laced up or the shoes being put on. All things that guests (and the groom) wouldn’t usually get to see.

They capture all the excitement

Whilst the nerves will be high, so will the excitement! So what better way to capture all of this, then by taking photos of this part of the day? A beautiful shot that is often capture before the ceremony is when the father of the bride sees his daughter in her dress for the first time. There is a real look of love and emotion at the thought of how much she has grown. One of our most favourite shots to capture.

They can get the kids (and the guests) involved

Chances are, as the day goes by, the kids are going to get less and less keen on having on their picture taken. By catching them at this early stage, you will be able to take pictures not only in their own home. This makes them more comfortable, but also whilst they are still fresh and awake. Doesn’t this beat trying to get them to smile when they have been on the go for a few hours?

The bridal preparation photos don’t only need to be of the bride and groom, but all the guests and members of the wedding party present. These relationships have been cultivated for years, and there is likely to be plenty of love and emotion flowing around. It could be the best man and the groom laughing. Or the bride and her children in an embrace. There are so many different shots that are possible, why miss them?!