What are the World’s Best Value Honeymoon Destinations?

What are the World’s Best Value Honeymoon Destinations? By Terence Joseph Photography

Let’s face it: after the stress of planning a wedding, you’re going to want a decent holiday. Stretch your honeymoon budget as far as possible with this list of the World’s Best Value Honeymoon Destinations which offer fantastic value for money.


Brazil will be the South American country on everyone’s lips as they host the 2016 Summer Olympics but it can’t beat Bolivia when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your holiday buck, or boliviano as is the case in Bolivia. Being landlocked means Bolivia can’t offer coastal beaches, but the mountains are spectacular, the Spanish colonial history is fascinating, and food and drink are not only delicious but seriously cheap.


If a long-haul honeymoon destination isn’t an option, consider Bulgaria. The capital city, Sofia, boasts an impressive array of churches, while Cacao Beach is a European summer hotspot for those who are sick of Ibiza’s commercialism. In addition to offering beautiful beaches for spring and summer summer sunshine, Bulgaria’s ski season runs from December to May.


For a truly memorable South-East Asian honeymoon go to Vietnam where you can live surprisingly well on around £10 a day. The history of French colonisation is still evident in some buildings, street names, and patisseries, but it has a cultural flavour unlike anywhere else you’ll visit. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City never sleep but you can catch your breath at Halong in the Gulf of Tonkin, or in the mountains at Sapa; and Hue has UNESCO World Heritage Site status to protect the Forbidden Purple City, which was once the Emperor’s private residence.


Greece has it all: fascinating culture, breathtaking beaches, and the potential to eat and drink incredibly well for surprisingly little. Greece offers something for everyone whether you like sailing and windsurfing, hiking incredible mountain paths, eating your body weight in cheese, or dancing until the sun comes up. While some Greek islands can be expensive (tip: if you’ve heard of it, it will cost more) there are hundreds of others just waiting for you to discover them.


Bali has been a hugely popular holiday destination for decades and while there are some built-up, commercial areas like Kuta, there are also plenty of peaceful beaches and incredible views. Whether you stop off there as part of a longer journey to the southern hemisphere, or make Bali your sole destination, this Indonesian hotspot offers a wide choice of accommodation, including cliff-top villas, from budget to break-the-bank luxurious.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is probably the most affordable of all Caribbean honeymoon destinations. You may have to travel slightly longer to get there but it is worth the journey for its pristine beaches, bustling towns, and great weather. Puerto Rico resorts vary in both price and location, so make sure you read reviews carefully to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

Bon voyage!

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