Why an unplugged honeymoon could be the best start to your marriage

Getting away for your first break away together as a married couple is always an exciting time. It marks the next chapter of your lives together and gives you that much needed time together away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding day. But will you be able to tear yourself away from your phone and tablet enough to truly enjoy this special time together? We’re so used to waking up in the morning and checking our phone for social media notifications, new DMs, emails and uploading that perfect breakfast snap to Instagram that you might have to make the effort to do not do that during your honeymoon, but trust me, it’s more than worth it to have an unplugged honeymoon!

Your honeymoon is about you and your partner focusing on each other

With work and domestic time limiting your time spent together at home, why waste the opportunity to spend some intimate moments by being distracted with your phone?

This is focused time for you and your partner to share your love, discover new things together and indulge yourselves. It’s a shared experience between the two of you – there’s plenty of time to fill in your friends and family on your favourite memories when you get home!

It’s a good idea to set some ground rules before your honeymoon begins. Having a tech free zone is the ideal, but if you really must check on things while you’re away, try to limit it to 15 minutes a day.

Checking your phone can ruin your day (and honeymoon)

This should be a rule regardless of where you happen to be but is especially the case during your honeymoon.

How many times have you woken up refreshed and happy only to have it ruined by checking your phone and seeing a notification that has left you feeling frustrated, stressed or angry? It happens more often than not, right?

Now imagine that happening on your Honeymoon. Yeah, it’s not how you want to be feeling!

There are much better ways to wake in the mornings of your honeymoon. Breakfast in bed, getting intimate with each other, sharing your thoughts and dreams together. Use a little imagination and remember this is about you and your partner away from the drudgery of daily life, so don’t let technology sneak in and ruin things!

Technology boundaries can help you set the tone for the rest of your lives together

OK, that sounds serious, but let me explain.

You want your partner to be focused on you when you talk to them, to feel like you’re the centre of their world and you hope they feel the same way about you in return. Nothing ruins this more than sharing something important with your partner while they’re staring at their phone and uttering the odd word at you as a half-hearted response.

It’s something we all do without really realising it, but it hurts to be on the receiving end of it.

When your partner attends to their phone instead of you it feels like rejection, it feels like other things are more important than you and that is not a good way to start your next chapter together.

So, talk to each other and set some boundaries for your honeymoon that will last long into your marriage together. Some good examples include:

  • Keeping phones out of the bedroom (or at least out of reach from the bed)
  • Leave your phone in your pocket/bag during mealtimes and conversations with your partner
  • Only reach for your phone when you have no other choice – like taking honeymoon photos
  • Agree to times when you can check your phone and how long for (and stick to it!)

Remember that you took great care in booking this honeymoon to have a once in a lifetime experience together. Don’t waste your precious time staring at your phone, share it with your partner and make some life-lasting memories together instead. That’s the true value of an unplugged honeymoon.