7 reasons why you should be printing your Engagement Photos

Having an engagement photography session is a fantastic way to mark the occasion and celebrate the next chapter of your lives together. While working with a photographer to capture this moment is a fun experience by itself, preserving those memories is key to feeling positive and lucky together as a couple.

Sharing digital images with friends and family can help spread that positivity further for a few days, but what then? Printing photos may seem traditional and even old-fashioned in today’s digital world, but the reasons for doing so are more than worth it. Here are 7 reasons why you should be printing your Engagement Photos!

1 – A print is a celebration of your relationship

There’s something special about flicking through a photo album and reliving those memories all over again. An engagement album full of those pre-marriage photos can be just as magical as the wedding album itself, filled with excitement of what your future will hold together.

Selecting the best photo from your engagement photography session to have as an extra-large or framed print on prominent display in your home will keep that little piece of magic alive every day. It’s a daily reminder of that important person in your life and just how lucky you are to have them. This is one of the main reason we wrote these 7 reasons why you should be printing your Engagement Photos!

2 – Digital photos can easily be swiped away

We don’t enjoy digital photos in the same way as a physical print, that’s tangible and we can hold and look over or display in our homes. The temptation with anything online is to click like and move on to the next one.

Sometimes we all need to slow down and enjoy what’s around us, away from the ever-changing digital landscape we’re surrounded by. Printing your photos is a great way to achieve this, just by taking a few moments to enjoy each photo and what they personally mean to you both as a couple.

3 – Printed photos don’t suffer from electronic failure

While digital photo frames look great, what happens when they break? If your digital photos are stored on an external hard drive and it becomes corrupted, what then? Even if your photos are stored on the cloud, it can be time-consuming to retrieve and download them whenever something goes wrong.

You simply don’t have to worry about any of those problems when you print your photos. It’s my number one reason for doing so, because I want my treasured memories to last forever without being reliant on technology that could break at any moment.

4 – An engagement is worth remembering for the rest of time

It’s a special and important time, but one that can get overshadowed by the wedding itself (and the meticulous planning to get to the big day). Your engagement is a significant event and one that’s certainly worth looking back on and remembering with fondness.

Getting prints of your engagement photography session shows just how important this occasion is to you and a permanent reminder that it’s worth celebrating over again.

5 – Prints can help us steer through the difficult times ahead

Life can be hard at times and your relationships can be put through some testing time. In those bleak and difficult moments where you perhaps lose sight of what you hold dear in life, a glimpse of a photo from the corner of the room can help you regain perspective.

Printed photos are a strong reminder of who and what we are – our memories make us who we are today, after all. Prints can strengthen us, and our relationships when meaning is lost, and times are hard.

6 – Put your relationship at the centre of your home life with prints

What could be better than putting your relationship truly at the heart of your life together at home than by decorating with prints of your special time together? Whether you’ve newly moved into a new home or decide you want to freshen things up; prints can be a great feature of your interior design scheme.

You can even get your timeless memories printed onto wall canvas or on-trend Aluminium DiBond prints so you can celebrate your relationship in your home together just the way you want to.

7 – Time moves on, but your engagement can be remembered forever

How many times have you said “we really must get those photos printed” but you still haven’t gotten around it? It’s something we all say and do, and before we know it time has marched on and it’s still not done.

Isn’t your engagement special enough to order prints of right now? Go on, don’t let any more time escape you without those special prints to remember and celebrate your engagement together, you’re worth it.