Engagement Party – Do I Need To Have One?

So, the question has finally been popped and it’s time to celebrate your good news with friends and family.  Engagement parties have always been considered an important part of the whole wedding process – from proposal to the big day, sharing your excitement with those you love makes it all the more magical.

But do you need to throw a big bun fight to celebrate an occasion that is really just about the two of you?  Well, an engagement party is not only a great way for everyone to raise a glass to you both, but is also an excellent opportunity to introduce members of your side of the family to your partners nearest and dearest too.

What Is An Engagement Party?

Your engagement party is a pre-cursor to the big day itself.  Whether you are thinking of a full on shindig that an A-Lister would be proud of, or a more intimate affair in the local boozer, your party is a chance to celebrate with all those who wish you well.

How Much Should My Engagement Party Cost?

Like any celebration, costs can quickly spiral out of control.  Remember this is not the next royal wedding you are planning, and you probably don’t have a kings ransom to spend on it either.  Be practical, set a budget and stick to it.  Reduce costs by shopping around for deals on drinks, food and party accessories.

Where Should I Hold My Engagement Party?

Remember girls, it is your party and the choice of venue should be right for you, not booked to impress or appease your relatives. You can dress up a village hall to make it look like a themed paradise if that floats your boat, or enjoy the sophistication of a five star hotel if you want to spend money on it.

Your venue should cater for all of your guests – a bar, a dance floor, a seating area, good parking and disabled access if necessary.

Who Should We Invite To Our Engagement Party?

Tradition dictates that you should only invite those that are going to get an invite to the wedding.  But, in reality this doesn’t have to be the case.  Invite who you want, and enjoy sharing your big news with them.

How Should I Invite My Guests?

You can send an email, start up a Facebook group or stick to traditional printed invitations. Make your invites personal to you both and if you have a theme for your party, be sure to incorporate this into the design of your invites.  Basics first though ladies, be sure to include the date, the time, the venue, directions (if necessary) and a contact number or email for RSVP’s.  You will also need to add a deadline date for responses so you know how many guests you are catering for.

Finally, enjoy it!

This engagement party is about the two of you.  It is a chance for everyone who loves you to join in this momentous time in your lives.  Do not get so stressed out in the run up that you turn up over wrought and exhausted.

Wear something that makes you feel special, treat yourself to a new hair do and a bit of preening, and feel like a princess for the night.  Enjoy ladies – your new adventure begins here.