Hen do ideas and games

If you are asked to organise the hen do for the bride, then you will want to make sure that she has the best time of her life. After all, organising a wedding, and being a bride in general, can be pretty stressful. So, chances are that she will need to let her hair down.

But where do you start with a hen do? How do you make sure that she has fun?

We have put together some of our best Hen do ideas and games! All you need to do is choose whichever one you think she will enjoy the most.

Get singing!

We are all guilty of thinking ourselves as Beyonce when we have had a few glasses of wine. So, why not embrace this on the hen do and book in for a spot of singing. This could come in the form of a private Karaoke session, or take it one step further and book a recording studio and see what magic you can all create.

Get outdoors

Who says that it is only the boys that can get outside and dirty? Some hen’s will love outdoor activities just as much! Assault courses, archery, horse riding or paintballing. All things that can make sure that the bride, and the rest of the hens can really make sure that they get dirty and have a fantastic time!

Get eating

Everyone loves a good meal, so it comes as no surprise that food and drink activities are popular with hens. This could be a simple meal, or perhaps take it one step further and have cupcake making, a medieval banquet or perhaps a rather delightfully ladylike afternoon tea!

Get pampered

Feel that the bride needs a spot of pampering to unwind after all the stress of arranging a wedding? Pampering hen parties are a great way to not only relax, but also catch up and enjoy some time together. You can choose from pampering sessions, perfume making or perhaps a photoshoot makeover. Just make sure that it is something that the bride will enjoy.

Get dancing

The main part of any hen do is the chance to dance the night away. But what if you could make dancing more of a part of the daytime too? There are a number of different dancing activities that you can book in for the hens. From a sexy burlesque or pole dancing class to a bit of cheerleading! All perfect for you to learn moves that you can bring out later on in the nightclub.

As you can see, when it comes to organising the hen do, there are loads of things that you can organise to have the most fun possible. Whatever you do, just make sure that it is something that the bride will enjoy, else you may find yourself with a rather unhappy chief hen!