Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

We have put together these tips to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. Whilst every bride will want to make sure that she looks beautiful on her big day, she will also want to make sure that her bridesmaids look amazing too. After all, they are the most special ladies in her life.

This is why some brides can find searching for a bridesmaid dresses a bit of a headache. Not only are there lots of styles to choose from, but there is a good chance that the ladies are all different in their shapes and sizes, meaning that what will suit one, probably won’t suit the other.

Be Mindful of your Budget when Browsing

The best way to start a search for a bridesmaid dress is with browsing. You can do this online or in stores, whatever is best for you. If you are shopping online you can bookmark the pages, or share the links to your bridesmaids, and if you are doing it in store, you could take pictures and send these instead.

It is key that you remember your budget when you start looking for dresses, otherwise you could find a dress that you love, that is completely out of your price range.

Ask for their Input

Whilst you may have the final say on what your bridesmaids wear, it is a good idea to ask for their thoughts on dresses. They will know what styles suits them and what they will feel most lovely in, so keep this in mind. You never know, they might come up with some great ideas that you didn’t even think of.

You Don’t Always Have to Have the Same

A new approach to bridesmaid dresses is that you don’t always have to have the exact same dress for every lady. You can vary the shade, the style or the length, making sure that you have a similar theme, but that each lady has something that she is happy with. You can even have each one in a completely different dress. The decision is really down to you and your bridesmaids, so have plenty of fun when you are finding the ideal dresses.

Don’t Leave it Until the Last Minute

Many brides are tempted to leave their bridesmaid dresses to last, maybe because they have other things to think about, or because they worry that the bridesmaids will change size before the big day. You should try to sort out the bridesmaid dresses as early as you can, and remember that you can always have the dresses amended or altered if anything does happen.

Make a Day of it!

Finally, if you are shopping for bridesmaid dresses, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Take your bridesmaids with you and let them have a look themselves. That way you can get their input right from the start, as well as get them to try things on and see what suits them.

It is a great feeling when you have found those perfect bridesmaid dresses – not only is it another thing ticked off the wedding to-do list, but your best friends or family members will feel and look great too!