The Terence Joseph Photography Experience and Why I Photograph Weddings

Every couple deserves to have their story told in the form of elegant, whimsical and perfectly timed images. You are both unique, and your wedding photos should be that way too!

There is so much more to consider that just finding someone who can take a pretty picture. Never settle for just ‘ok’. Anything less than a fully personalised tailor-made service to suit your needs isn’t good enough. Search for the photographer you can connect with, who will listen, who really ‘gets’ you both, and completely understands what you want from your day. Past clients of mine, Lou & Shea, told me I was the perfect balance between a snapper who is unobtrusive, while always at the right place at the right time. This is how I ensure every image reflects the natural beauty of you own individual love story.

Don’t miss out!

Since moving to the UK from Australia, I have truly come to understand what missing out is. I miss my family, I miss my mum and sisters and every niece and nephew. It is only normal! We keep in contact by face timing, calling, by texts but I still have some FOMO! I totally understand time is short and even more so at a wedding… getting married is a whirlwind! Time moves faster than the cork popping on a bottle of prosecco! No point being away for hours for your wedding portraits – you should be enjoying your time with your guests! It is much easier to break up your wedding portraits into smaller time blocks throughout your day. This not only gets you back to your family and friends for the celebrations, but it gives you a greater variety of photos for your wedding album (think gorgeous blue skies, sunsets and starry-nights).

You want beautiful portraits of you both but hate posed photographs!

My gosh, yes! I always think of those awful school photos. So uncomfortable! It’s completely normal to feel that way. I feel exactly the same way in fact every time my partner or my family tries to capture a picture of myself. Posing is not about being awkward, uncomfortable or stiff as a board with a put-on smile. Good posing looks and feels like you weren’t even being posed or photographed. There’s none of that uncomfortable feeling. You need to feel relaxed and we get to that point by just having some fun. I love messing around, cracking jokes, being a little playful. It is in my nature to be that way and these actions create an environment where you can just be yourself. Your wedding portraits are a must, I love them and always think of them as some time away from the craziness of your day, where it will be mainly just the two of you.

Fun, discrete yet inclusive

My friends tell me I’m instinctively inclusive, always looking for ways to draw others into the circle and make them feel wanted, heard, and appreciated. It’s about ensuring every member of your wedding party feels just as important as the two of you. I know how lucky it feels to have them all there for you both, so while you’re celebrating these connections and embracing the moment, getting swept away by it all… right at that moment I am capturing that feeling. Wedding photography filled with this love and happiness is a gift that always gives back and that is why I just love capturing the monumental, life changing event that is a wedding! I want all of my couples to be able to relive and share the excitement of their day with their current and future generation of family members for many years to come.

Back-up plans to the rescue!

Things don’t always go to plan at weddings! That is just a fact! Sometimes it rains, timings fall apart, wedding guests go astray or venues lose their Insta-perfect appeal. Even when circumstances feel like they are working against you, we will work it out! After capturing 100+ weddings, I find that organising back-up plans in advance are key to a stress-free wedding. This way you don’t miss out on those awesome portraits of you and your partner in crime.

Your day!

This is the day you have been waiting for. Laugh, cry, embrace everyone you can, stuff cake in your partners face, dance and enjoy every moment, knowing that I will be right there with you, without ever being in your way!