5 Questions to ask every Wedding Photographer

Here is a list of questions to ask every photographer you meet to ensure you’ll get gorgeous images that you’ll love.

Are you a legal business with insurance?

It’s shocking how many people run a photography business but never go through the steps to make it legal or get insurance. Hiring someone without these things is simply asking for trouble. You are more than welcome to view confirmation of this information after booking my services.

Do you have professional backup gear?

Not only do you need to make sure your photographer has backup gear in case something happens with their primary camera on the day of the wedding (and it WILL happen at some point if they shoot enough), it’s important that their backup gear is also professional grade equipment so your photo quality doesn’t suffer. I believe it is better to be safe and prepared than leave it up to chance, so I use two professional Canon SLR cameras at every wedding. Each camera records your photos to two memory cards simultaneously, just in case one card fails (and it CAN happen).

Are all the photos fully edited?

I believe that every image from your wedding is important, so each photo is edited the same as you see on my website. Some photographers only do a “quick” edit unless you buy a print or put the photo in your album, so it is important to know what you’ll be getting up front, especially if they do additional editing to the photos on their website or in their marketing.

Can I see a full wedding gallery?

It’s easy to get a few nice shots from a wedding, but only skilled photographers can take quality photos the entire wedding day, especially in poor lighting conditions. I’m happy to give you access to a full wedding gallery to see that my quality extends throughout all of my photos. Have a look at my galleries page here.

Are you comfortable using flash?

A good photographer will be very comfortable using a variety of lighting techniques, including off-camera flash. While some claim to specialise in natural light shooting, often times the reality is that they simply have not learned how to use flash properly for gorgeous images when natural light is lacking (such as in a dark reception hall).

I hope these 5 Questions to ask every Wedding Photographer come in handy on your search. If you have any further questions about my packages, or to arrange a time to catch up in person or even book my photography services right away, please don’t hesitate to contact me.